My Favorite 2016 Presidential Candidate

Bernie  Sanders

Why Bernie Sanders is My Choice?

The person i would choose for my presidential candidate would have to be Bernie Sanders because his ideas will directly benefit my life in the coming years such as free college and healthcare for everyone which will eliminate some cost out of my adult life. Another reason I support Bernie is because of his admirable progressive views on many issues that should be talked about mainstream like wall street, why health care and college aren't free in The United States, equal rights for everyone, increasing the minimum wage so that families in poverty can at least have a fighting chance at life, and most importantly climate change a major problem. Another reason that i admire Bernie Sanders is because of his fight during the civil rights movement and his support of the blacklivesmatter iniative which shows his devotion to injustice and his fight for equality in The United States. He is also seems very devoted to exposing the corruption in government that it is run by millionaires and billionaires that spend huge sums of money for presidential candidates, senators, and lobbyist to support their views. This is why I feel that Bernie Sanders cares the most out of all the candidates for the future of America and the world his uber progressive views will shape the view of millions and start a change even if he doesn't win this election.